Worm Castings for your Living Soil


Urban Worm Compost LLC is a small family owned and operated worm farm located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  We produce worm castings for local gardeners and farmers who are interested in improving their soil life and creating a living soil.

  We read the research articles and books about vermicomposting and apply what is proven to work.  Please Contact Us  if you are interested in our worm castings.

Why We Think You'll Like Our Product:


We wait and package our worm castings when you order them and we don’t store our castings for long.  When you buy local you are buying a fresh product that has not baked outside in the sun, been stored in bags in a warehouse, or shipped from another state.  Fresh worm castings can have more microbial activity and can be better for your living soil.

All Natural Inputs

We use natural inputs for our worm farm.  We are selective about what types of bedding and food we give our worms to help create a high quality finished product.  We do not feed our worms processed materials or paper waste.  We regularly feed our worms vegetable waste which also feeds the microbes.


For 2019 we will be regularly testing the microbial biomass of our worm castings.  Testing the microbial biomass shows you the amount of living microbes such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes.  You will be able to see actual data about how healthy the soil food web is in the worm castings.

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