The Basics- Compost Tea with Worm Castings

The quality of the compost or worm castings that you use to make your compost tea is important.  If you choose to start with worm castings of a lower quality with little microbial activity, your finished tea may also be of lower quality.  It’s okay to be picky about the worm castings that you use and it’s important to start with chlorine-free water.  The easiest way to get chlorine-free water is to leave a 5 gallon bucket of water uncovered for 24 hours.  You can also run an air stone in the bucket to help remove the chlorine.  So why would you want to make a compost tea?  Compost tea is a good way to multiply the beneficial microbes and then put them into your soil so they can help your plants to be healthy and happy.  Adding a food source such as molasses to the tea and running an air stone in the bucket for the brewing period will also help the microbes to multiply.

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