European Night Crawler Cocoons

The European Night Crawler (Eisenia Hortensis) is an interesting worm.  European Night Crawlers are used for composting and as a bait worm.  They have an advantage over the Canadian Night Crawler due to the fact that they can survive a wider range of temperatures and can be raised in shallow containers.  We have noticed that the worm begins to die when temperatures get much higher than 85 degrees fahrenheit in Oklahoma.  One thing we really like about the European Night Crawler is the amount of cocoons that it produces.  When the cocoons are new they have a green/yellow color to them.  As the cocoons age and the worm develops inside, the color of the cocoon gradually changes to more of a brown color.  We use the Red Wiggler (Eisenia Fetida) for producing our worm castings because we have noticed that it adapts better to the changing temperatures in Oklahoma and it seems to consume bedding and food faster than the European Night Crawler.

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