How to find Reliable Information about Worm Composting

How do you find reliable information about worm composting? There are many blogs and websites that are devoted to worm composting and there is also a lot of conflicting and confusing information between sites. You may go to one website and read about a worm composting topic and then go to another website and read something completely different that contradicts the first blog that you read. There is a need for more consistent and reliable information about worm composting on the internet.

One way to help you find reliable information about worm composting is to look for a reference list at the end of the articles that you read. If you cannot find a list of references, there is a chance that you are reading information based on someone’s opinion. Opinions can be great when you are asking for them. Opinions can be misleading when you are gathering information to help you build your worm bin or to help you trouble shoot a common problem.

The purpose of Urban Worm Compost is to provide reliable information that is based on research and facts and not just opinions. Opinions are great, but not always the most helpful for the person just getting started with worm composting or the person wanting to expand their knowledge on the topic. When people are given just opinions about one worm farmer’s composting experiments, the information can be biased and may not apply in all situations. Information about worm composting can also be slanted in order to help the worm farmer’s internet business. The author of Urban Worm Compost takes the time to read scholarly articles and research topics before publishing information. A goal of this website is to help educate people about worm composting and provide reliable resources so that people can maintain an efficient worm bin.

At Urban Worm Compost you will find a collection of tutorials and references to journal articles to help you with your worm composting needs. Information is categorized appropriately so that the beginner and expert worm farmers can find what they are looking for. Urban Worm Compost provides information on several species of composting worms including: Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fetida) and European Night Crawlers (Eisenia Hortensis).

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